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Welcome to Corinium's Top 20 Influencers in GeoInsurance 2019

This year, Corinium launched GeoInsurance – a two-day conference in exploring the practical implementation of geospatial data within the Insurance and Reinsurance industry. Having a successful European event in February 2019, GeoInsurance arrives in the US on June 11-12 (Hoboken, NJ) to understand the US-centric challenges and opportunities of geospatial insight.

In advance of the event, to recognise those at forefront of the exploration of these data-sets and technologies, Corinium has been taking submissions to recognize professionals within the industry that are accelerating the proliferation and understanding of geospatial data and analytics across the industry.

Below is the rundown!
The list is in not ranked in any particular order.

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Featured Interviews

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Embrace the Latest in Geospatial - Preventative, Scientific and Innovative

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GeoInsurance USA, 2019 arrives in the W Hoboken, June 11-12 for two days of networking and top level discussion.

Corinium’s GeoInsurance USA, 2019 is a fantastic two-day event featuring over 35 expert speakers, a multifaceted agenda and an audience of over 100 influential leaders. 

All departments will be represented, from Risk to Underwriting, belonging to the largest US and Global Insurance/Reinsurance providers.

Across the two-days, attendees will network, attend Keynote presentations, Panel Discussions, Roundtables and Corinium’s unique Discussion Groups to ensure they walk away with expert advice and practical strategies to embrace geospatial data and technology to achieve excellence within their organizations.

This event will be an integral part of your 2019 calendar. 

Key Topics & Themes for 2019

  • How to Squeeze the Most from your Geospatial Data, from Zip Code to Address level Data. Making the Data do the Work.
  • A panel led Q&A regarding the "Industry Loss Lessons" to be Learnt from 2018/2019 Catastrophes, to include discussion regarding both Nat Cat and Man-Made Disasters.
  • Understanding the Biggest Challenges of Unifying Data – what are the current strategies in place to deal with them? 
  • Working with the Best - How to Retain and Attract the Top Shelf Geo-Minded Talent.